Omrita Rx3 – High CBD

Omrita Rx3 a wonderful high cbd strain.

Miguel advises that Omrita Rx3 grows well from cuttings, both outdoors in soil and indoors in coco, and he suggests using “Less nutrients and a slightly higher pH than normal.” Omrita is a very stout plant with strong side branching and large  colas.

Strain Name: OmritaRx3
Breeder: Miguel
Genetics: Juanita la Lagrimosa (female) x Cannalope Haze (male)
Grow Notes: Stretched 2x in height in flower. Flowered from clone.
Effect: Very well balanced. Helped with nerve pain. High CBD Phenotype.

Test Results from Miguel’s Grow:Test Results

Photos are of the clone grown under a T-5 light. Omrita Rx3 was pollinated by “The White” a clone only that was reversed.