Soil Amendment Recommendation

Soil Amendment Recommendations

Do you have a soil test but do not know how to interpet it? I do soil amendment recommendations for $45.00.

Cost is $45.00 to analyze your soil test results from Logan Labs. If you also get a saturated paste and water test on top of a Base Test, there is no additional cost for me to analyze the results.  I then prepare a custom amendment recommendation based on your soil test and the information you provide about your soil and crop. By using a lab to test the soil. We can monitor our “Savings account in the soil” then work on improving the biology of the soil. By balancing the chemistry of the soil, we have started down the path of being proactive instead of reactive with our approach to growing. Our Goal is that in time, this “system” becomes a non-extracting system and will need less and less minimal outside inputs.

My recommendations are taking into consideration: the geological, the chemical, the biochemical and the biological performances by which the numerous streams of life take off from the soil and continue to flow through the many healthy species of plants and mammals. This is just the start of this process and by using a strong acid to test the soil we are analyzing the chemical balance of the nutrients in the soil. The balance of all things in life is critical. It all starts in the soil.

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