Tuning Into Nature

If you enjoy reading, This is an amazing book I highly recommend picking up.
Tuning in to nature.
by Philip S. Callahan, Ph.D.

Quick Overview:
Dr. Philip S. Callahan is a philosopher as well as a top-grade scientist. He is also an explorer who has walked across mainland China and the Syrian Desert, observing the intricate ways of man and nature wherever he went. In Tuning in to Nature, he tells the story of a twenty-year pioneering adventure in which he succeeded in unraveling the mysteries of insect infrared communications and navigational systems. Callahan’s breakthrough discoveries about how insects communicate may ultimately lead to a worldwide revolution in agriculture. Among other benefits they may pave the way toward the development of totally new methods of insect control, reducing, if not eliminating, man’s dependence on insecticides.

What can we do with this information?
Plants have trichomes which serve as miniature antennas. Insects and plants communicate via the infrared spectrum. When a plant is weak and sick it is transmitting signals to insects. “Hey! I am weak and sick come eat me”. It was later discovered that the frequencies also correlate with PH in the plant sap.

Why are insects attacking my plants?
Mineral imbalance is often a sign of problems. Plants never have a pesticide deficiency, all problems
Often a sign of imbalance in the soil, whether it is the mineral levels and/or the lack of microbial life aka the soil food web (Bacteria, Fungi, Protists, Nematodes, Micro-arthropods) that is then contributing to a lack of microbial metabolites aka available minerals to the plant. In combination with soil, sap and water testing, growers can use handheld meters to test the plant’s sap ph and brix levels. That way as a grower you can ask the plant what it needs and can be proactive against problems before they appear.

I can come to your location and show you how to dial in your grow using these tools. Be proactive instead of reactive and use science to improve your grow. Contact link is in my profile if you like to learn more or hire me to educate you and/or your team.

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