How to take a soil sample and get it tested

Thanks for your interest in lab testing. To get started, it is a good idea to get a baseline of the mineral properties of your soil including many of the macro and micro minerals vs solely NPK.

Here are the instructions for taking a soil sample. If you have a problem area, then you can optionally take a sample from that area as well.

How to take the soil sample.

Sample the soil from at least 15 different locations if you can take more that is better for a representation of your soil. Then all of those samples are mixed together to create a composite sample.

Use a plastic cup or shovel to scoop it up.

Place all the samples into a bucket.

DO NOT use a container made of metal !
Mix well.

Take out 2 cups and put in zip lock baggie.

Seal it well.

Go to, download and print soil submission worksheet.
At bottom of form write Complete Plus Extras. (EC, Mo,Co, Se, Si, NH4, N03)

Make check to logan labs for $60.00. This is the bare minimum to get started. If you like to know about additional options on soil testing (biological, physical, and or chemical. Nitrogen, C/N, organic release of nitrogen are a few options.) Please contact me before sending in your sample.

If you need help, Please contact me for additional options on soil testing and planning your soil testing budget accordingly.

Note: The first time you work with them you have to pay upfront. Additional tests they will bill you after doing the test.

Mark the zip lock baggie with name of sample. Example: Soil Mix 1. In the comments field. Write the type of test. (Example: Complete Plus Extras)
Mail Worksheet and soil sample to:
Logan Labs
620 N. Main St.
Lakeview, OH 43331

For more details on the process with logan labs, please review this web page:

When you get back the test result. Email it to me.

I will give you recommendations for amendments based on your soil test. The cost is $45.00 for the the base plus recommendation.

Irrigation Water Suitability.
Sometimes the water source can be causing problems in the soil. If you have never tested the water you use for irrigation. We recommend you do so. The cost is $35.00 for the Standard Water Test via Logan Labs. Take a 16oz water bottle that is clean and fill with your irrigation water. Place in the box with the soil sample. Please tape the lid of the bottle shut with duct tape. Pack the box well to ensure the soil and water sample do not break open during shipping. Write on the comments form: Standard Water Test.

Already got a soil test and need a recommendation? Order online here:

Hope that helps! Any questions please ask.

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